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Dimension One Spa Circuit Board


P.C. Board, Liquid FX, MSPA-MP-D18

P.C. Board exclusive to all Reflections spas equipped with Liquid FX. Supports M-Drive. Replaces 01710-1013
Price: $520.99

Dimension One Spa Circulation Pump


Dimension One Spa Circulation Pump, E10 (Universal)* *PLEASE NOTE* This pump is not compatible as a replacement for a fountain circulation pump. This circ pump includes a flow switch. Not compatible with Arena or AFS. If replacing from non-E10 circ pump, please follow instructions that come with the pump as there are wiring differences
Price: $280.95

Dimension One Spa Diffuser Bulb O-ring


Dimension One Spa Replacement Diffuser Bulb for Dimension One Spas.
Price: $2.49

Dimension One Spa Diffuser Ozone Bulb


Dimension One Spa Replacement Diffuser Bulb for Dimension One - D1 spas with the Crystal Pure Water Management System. Part is tapped.
Price: $20.20

Dimension One Spa Diffuser Removal Tool


D-1 Diffuser Removal Tool for Dimension One spas and hot tubs.
Price: $7.00

Dimension One Spa Exercise Kit, HydroSport Complete


Dimension One Spa Kit, HydroSport Complete (includes 4 butterflies)
Price: $1,495.99

Dimension One Spa Filter 2000+ 75 sq. ft.


75 Sq Ft Filter for EZ Lock Filter

This filter is a replacement for mid 2000 - Current D1 Reflections and @Home Spas, all Bay Spas & 2005 to current AFSs. This is the filter only, it does not include the EZ lock filter screen.
Price: $54.99
Out of Stock

Dimension One Spa Filter 40 sq ft ultra pure


Dimension One Spa 40 Sq. Ft. SAE Filter (Ultra Pure) This filter has SAE coarse threads and was used on 1996 to 2000 spas with the Ultra Pure Water Management System.
Price: $59.95

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