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BioGuard Maintain Scrubber Brush


Tile & Vinyl Scrub Pad
Price: $4.99

BioGuard Swimming Pool Spa 4-Way Test Strips


BioGuard 4-Way Test Strips are designed for fast and easy testing of your pool and spa water. Simply dip the strip and compare to the color chart. Swimming Pool, Spas and Hot Tubs.
Price: $11.99

Brominating Tablets 1.5lb.


The power of an organic brominating compound compressed into 1-inch tablet.  These tablets are acidic and may lower pH, so pH and total alkalinity should be tested frequently and adjusted as necessary.  Use Brominating Tablets in a brominator or in a SpaGuard Floating Dispenser. They also dissolve slowly and protect continuously.

Price: $15.95

SoftSoak 4-way Spa Test Strips


Soft Soak Test Strips are used to test your Soft Soak spa water. They test for Sanitizer, Total Alkalinity, PH, and Calcium Hardness.
Price: $19.99

SoftSoak Filter Cleaner


For your SoftSoak System.SoftSoak Filter Cleaner is formulated to remove the accumulations that are present on filters in spas that use non-chlorine and non-bromine systems. 1quart
Price: $18.95

SoftSoak Sanitizer


Soft Soak Sanitizer is the every day sanitizer for the Soft Soak System. It is a non-chlorine based sanitizer that is soft on your skin and rids your spa of chemical odor.
Price: $15.99

SoftSoak Spa Conditioner


For your SoftSoak System. Control and prevent unattractive waterline film around the perimeter of your spa surface.
Price: $13.95

SoftSoak Stain & Scale


Prevents stains and scale on spa surfaces/equipment, for the Soft Soak System
Price: $12.95

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