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Minder Reader 2
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Welcome to the Mercedes of massages! The Mind-Reader detects your body width and height, and then conforms the massage according to your body. 4 Easy pre-programmed massages to revitalize every part of your body, Manual control at your finger tips to reduce or intensify each area of massage. The Mind-Reader provides 3-Dimensional massage plus heating to promote natural healing and recovery. The Mind-Reader foot and calf massage with the available 10" extention adds full attention to completely sooth your body. Please allow 4 BUSINESS DAYS before shipping.
Price: $4,399.99

The C2
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The C2 replicates the touch and pressure of an actual massage therapist. The kneading massage, tapping massage, pummeling massage, shiatsu massage, wavelet massage, point/partial/whole massagemovements featured in the chair work at multiple levels to increase blood flow, reduce muscle stiffness, and increase the movement of oxygen and other nutrients to your muscles and organs. Please allow 4 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE SHIPPING.
Price: $2,499.00

The Heat
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ZenAwakening offers you The Heat. This model provides the same type of benefits as the The Executive, but now you have the befefit heat on your back and feet. Heat is very beneficial for those who need to relieve pain, loosen up muscles or just want to stay warm. Also, enjoy additional conveniences like shoulder width detection, six massage heads for wider back coverage and built-in MP3 player with music synchronizing massage. Please allow 4 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE SHIPPING.
Price: $3,499.00