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Caldera Heater 4kw


Caldera Heater 4kw
Price: $119.00



 Caldera Heater Relay Board

If your circulation pump is on and your breaker is not tripping this is likely the reason the spa is not heating. to know for sure, look for a black spot around the three big relays on the board where it has burned out either on the front or the back of the board.
Price: $139.99

Caldera Highland Series Heater


Price: $169.95

Caldera Spa C-7375 Caldera Filter


Caldera Spa Hot Tubs C-7375 Caldera Spa Filter
Price: $59.99

Caldera Spa Circulation Pump Kit


Caldera Spa Hot Tub Circulation Pump Kit 74427
Price: $189.99

Caldera Spa Curcuit Breaker


Caldera Spa Hot Tub Curcuit Breaker 30 Amp GE 70240
Price: $150.99

Caldera Spa Frog 4-pack


This package includes 1 mineral and 3 bromine.  The bromine last 1 month and and the mineral lasts 3 months
Price: $59.95

Caldera Spa Frog Bromine Cartridge


Caldera Spa,  bromine cartridge lasts up to 1 month and it is the same thing as the yellow cartridge
Price: $10.95

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