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BioGuard  Swimming Pool Test Strips 4 Way


BioGuard 4-Way Test Strips are designed for fast and easy testing of your pool and spa water. Simply dip the strip and compare to the color chart. Swimming Pool, Spas and Hot Tubs.
Price: $12.95

BioGuard Kleen It Filter Cleaner


Kleen It

Fresh Citrus Scent

Cleans Sands, D.E. and cartridge filter.

Removes grease, oil, dirt and scale from filter.

Soak or spray application

Price: $13.99

BioGuard Maintain Scrubber Brush


Tile & Vinyl Scrub Pad
Price: $4.99

BioGuard Mineral Springs Beginnings


Adding Beginnings, a proprietary blend of minerals, is the first step in creating a mineral water bathing environment. Its essential elements are needed at start-up and to protect equipment. Mineral Springs Beginnings has more benefits other than establishing your initial mineral level for sanitizer production. It softens water and stabilizes to prevent free chlorine residual degradation from sunlight. It also contains scale inhibitors to help prevent scale and protect your equipment.
Price: $49.99

BioGuard Power Floc


This product is excellent to clear excessively cloudy water after a rainstorm or a period of time when your pump wasn't running.
Price: $21.99

BioGuard Remedy Stain Identification Kit


Easy to use

Identifies Specific Metal stains: Copper and Iron

Provides Solutions for Stains


Price: $19.95

BioGuard StowAway Cleaner


If you use a cover during the off-season months, you'll need to protect and store it once it's removed. This product is a cleaner/deodorizer that allows the pool cover to be stored wet and still remain protected.
Price: $13.95

BioGuard Strip Kwik Degreaser


This product removes oils and grease from all types of filters. It acts as a shampoo for the filter.
Price: $12.95