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SpaGuard Spa Enhanced Shock- 2 lb.


SpaGuard Spa Enhanced Shock- 2 lb. Every spa needs to be shocked to eliminate undesirable compounds that build up with use.
Price: $21.99

SpaGuard Spa PH Decreaser


SpaGuard Spa PH Decreaser protects spa equipment by decreasing PH and Total Alkalinity to the proper level (PH 7.4 - 7.6 and Total Alkalinity (100 - 150). It slowly lowers PH and Total Alkalinity.
Price: $9.99

SpaGuard Spa PH Increaser


SpaGuard Spa PH Increaser protects spa equipment by raising PH to the proper level (7.4 - 7.6). It is a simple granular product that raises PH and can increase Total Alkalinity only slightly.
Price: $8.99

SpaGuard Spa Shock


SpaGuard Spa Shock (Non-Chlorine) is a buffered spa shock to prevent PH bounce. It keeps water sparkling by quickly destroying undesirable compounds.
Price: $28.99

SpaGuard Spa Stain and Scale Control- 1 Pint


SpaGuard Spa Stain and Scale Control helps keep spa water clear and spa surfaces stain free. It prevents staining from metals, removes some fresh stains, and prevents scale buildup.
Price: $22.99

SpaGuard Spa Total Alkalinity Increaser


SpaGuard Spa Total Alkalinity Increaser protects spa surfaces and equipment by buffering against PH change. Balance Total Alkalinity to between 100 - 150 ppm.
Price: $12.99

SpaGuard Spa Water Clarifier


SpaGuard Spa Water Clarifier makes water clear and sparkling by combining small particles in you water into larger ones to be filtered out.
Price: $12.99

SpaGuard Spa Water Freshner


SpaGuard Spa Guard Water Freshener
Price: $19.99

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