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Hydro Quip Surface Mount Hi-Limit


Hi-Limit, Thermodisc, Surface Mount, DPST w/ Screws
Price: $160.95

Leisure Concepts CoverMate III Spa Hydraulic Cover Lift


Leisure Concepts Spa CoverMate III Hydraulic Cover Lifter makes it eazy to take off your spa cover. Deck Mount only.
Price: $239.95

Leisure Concepts Spa CoverMate I Cover Lift


Leisure Concepts Spa CoverMate I Cover Lift. Remove that bulky spa cover effortlessly. With Covermate I, removing the spa cover from the inside or outside of the spa requires very little strength or effort.
Price: $189.95

Lily Basket for Aventine Spa
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 Lily Skimmer Basket for an Aventine, Oasis, and San Gabriel Spa
Price: $37.99

Scum Bug


Removes surface contaminates,prevents scum lines,reduces filter clogging.  He also removes oils, lotions, cosmetics, and more to keep the water clean and fresh.  Sit back and smile.

Price: $6.95

Spa & Hot Tub Chlorine Generators
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Spa & Hot Tub Chlorine Generators. TechniChlor uses the same "no buttons", "no moving parts", LED indicator technology as its counterpart ColorChlor, but is conveniently built for spas that already feature programmable light show entertainment. TechniChlor is a chlorine generator specifically designed for consumers that are just looking for pure chlorination. TechniChlor is designed with 10 levels of chlorine production, salt level indicator lights and will automatically adjust for changes in temperature and spa usage

Price: $249.99

Spa & Hot Tub Pool Chlorine Generators with Light Shows
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Spa & Hot Tub Pool Chlorine Generators with Light Shows


ColorChlor, the patent pending flagship chlorinator brand combines 10 levels of chlorine production with 13 entertaining light shows to rejuvenate older portable spas and enhance the bathing experience. Light shows include brilliant solid colors from bright red to aqua blue, rainbow fades, quick flashing strobes and many colors in between. The simple and fun to watch LED light indicators measure water temperature and salt concentration too!

Price: $285.95

Spa - Hot Tub Booster Seat


Versatile, water-filled seat that adds to the comfort and convenience of enjoying your spa. Use as a back support or as a booster or raises hips for aquatic exercise.
Price: $22.95

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