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Spa & Hot Tub Pool Chlorine Generators with Light Shows Discounts Apply !
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Spa & Hot Tub Pool Chlorine Generators with Light Shows
  • Designed With Patent Pending Light Shows
  • 10 Levels of Chlorine Production
  • Temperature & Salt Level Indicator Lights
  • Self Cleaning Reverse Polarity Technology
  • Plug & Play! No Spa Modifications Required
  • No Buttons, No Control Boxes, No Timers!
  • Adjusts For Variations In Spa Temp & Usage
  • Around-The-Clock Chlorine Production
  • No More Cumbersome Floating Dispensers

ColorChlor will adapt to changes in your spa automatically, adjusting to water temperature and change in spa usage. When you are using your tub more often, ColorChlor will make more chlorine, keeping your tub clean and clear! ColorChlor is uniquely built with a reverse polarity, self-cleaning design. ColorChlor is designed for spas up to 700. ColorChlor can produce up to 9 grams of chlorine per day

Price: $285.95

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