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303 Spa Cover Aerospace Protectant - 8 oz Spray Discounts Apply !
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303 Spa Cover Aerospace Protectant - 8 oz Spray

303 Aerospace Protectant

"SPF 40 Sunscreen . . . For Your Stuff"

Sun Destroys Unprotected Vinyl

All vinyl, even the special grade used in spa covers, is a UV-sensitive material which can degrade over time when exposed to sunlight, or allowed to mildew.

Protecting your Investment

303 Protectant conditions beautifully and prevents fading and cracking.  We recommend only 303 Protectant. This is quite simply the best product of its kind. Featuring an Earth-friendly, non-toxic formula, it will add years to cover life. With regular use, 303 blocks up to 100% of harmful UV to prevent sun damage.

When applied to the underside of your cover, it also helps prevent mildew. 303 is very economical, and you'll find many other uses for it around the home, RV, boat  and car.

  • Unsurpassed UV-screening protection!
  • Quickly and easily restores a "like-new" color, luster & gloss.
  • Easy application. Just spray on & wipe dry.
  • Not greasy or oily.
  • Repels dust, soiling and staining. Treated surfaces stay cleaner, longer.
  • Lasts 4 to 10 times longer than other products.
Price: $10.99

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