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Minder Reader 2
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3-Dimensional Massage
Unlike other chairs whose wheel mechanism moves left and right and up and down, The Mind-Reader’s wheels actually push outward into your muscles. As a result, you get the pressure you need to work-out those stubborn knots.

Body Width and Height Detection
The Mind-Reader reads your body width, and conforms the massage to your body contour. Additionally, the leg extension automatically adjusts to your height, whether you are shorter or taller, based on height detection sensors. The leg extensions extends up to 10”.
This chair literally reads your mind and body with the press of one button!

Flex Arm and Waist Massage
The Mind-Reader enables you to receive a full-body massage, including your arms and waist area. It’s especially therapeutic for those with carpel tunnel or arthritis.

The arm massagers move along the armrest, so you can have it massage your hand, wrist or forearm. The waist massagers also include pointers to provide stronger muscle relief.

The Heat
To relax those sore muscles and loose up those stiff joints, The Mind-Reader brings relief to your lower back and waist. It’s especially great during the winter and after a long day.   

Music Player
The Mind-Reader lets you block out the daily annoyances and mellow out with a built-in MP3 player while you kick back. It comes with high-quality head phones, USB memory stick and secondary remote control to manage your music selection.

Calf and foot massage
Unlike most chairs, The Mind-Reader contains pointers to provide you with a strong, muscle ache relieving, kneading massage. This is one foot massage that will have you up and re-energized again.

After a long day at work or a good work-out, nothing is better than receiving a lower body massage to promote blood circulation and eliminate fatigue. The Mind-Reader allows you to choose from 4 different levels of intensity to find the right pressure for you.

Video Full Display (VFD) Remote Control
The VFD control panel enables users to easily and quickly select the perfect massage experience. Users can engage in automatic massage programs (Refresh, Relax, Extent and Recovery) with various massage types and intensities, or can customize massage types, intensities and body areas with the press of a few buttons.

For your convenience, a second, smaller remote control is included to control your music play and your recline level.

Captain Chair
The Mind-Reader is not only a great massage chair, it makes for an excellent Captain chair for your home game room or living room. With a seat width of 24 inches and backrest height of 38 inches, Zen Awakening will be everybody's favorite. Lay back and get comfortable – The Heat leans back 170 degrees.

Power, Electrical & WarrantyThe Mind-Reader has been certified by CE and ISO 9001. It works on any 110 V outlet, and draws 220 Watts. The Heat contains 6 motors and an air compression motor to provide you with maximum coverage and flexibility. With any of our massage chairs, you’ll receive 3 years limited-warranty on the massage wheel mechanism and 1 year on the entire chair for electrical or mechanical components (electronics, CPU board and motors).

Zen Awakening’s Limited Five-Year Warranty Policy


Warranty 5 year-limited warranty
Model # ZA-07A
Colors Coffee or Black
Overall Dimensions
Product Dimensions Upright - 47" H X 40" W X 55" D, Reclined - 30" H X 40" X W X 87" D
Product Weight 284 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 1 - 29" X 60" X 28", 2 - 20" X 20" X 23", 3 - 13" X 36" X 27"
Shipping Weight 332 lbs.
Massage Types 6 massages (kneading, knocking, kneading + tapping, pressing, rhythm and vibration)
Roller Mechanism 2 roller, 3-dimensional
Motors 6
Air Compression Motor 1
Air Pressure Massage Arms, Waist and Calves
Air Bags Arms, Waist and Calves
Feet-roller Yes
Heat Back
Massage Functionality
Control Panel Video Full Display + Secondary MP3 and Recline / Incline Controler
Head Yes
Neck Yes
Back Yes
Arms Yes
Waist Yes
Calves Yes
Foot / Sole Yes, pointer, kneading massage
Leg Stretch N/A
Massage Control
Automatic Programming Recovery, Extend, Relax and Refresh
Customizeable Settings Yes
Shoulder Width Setting Yes, automatic
Strength Level Setting Yes
Point-specific Back Massage Yes
Seating Material Synthetic leather (easy cleaning)
Armrest Plastic (coffee) or synthetic leather (black)
Foot Extension 10"; height sensors automatically adjust
Power Recline 170 degrees
MP3 Player Yes
Roller-castors 2
Storage N/A
Automatic shut-off Yes
Programmable Timer 20 minutes
Power Source 110 V
Power Consumption 260 Watts
Certification ISO9001
Suggestion Weight Capacity 264 lbs.
Installation Requirements
Setup Light assembly - attach leg rests, sides, armrests and remote control holder
Price: $4,399.99
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