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Guardian Swimming Pool Motor- .75 HP Discounts Apply !
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Guardian Swimming Pool Motor- .75 HP

Why Guardian? Provides Body Entrapment Protection SVRS helps prevent body entrapment on drains due to suction. In some pool configurations, if a person’s body covers the drain, the person can be trapped by suction, leading to drowning. When this blockage occurs, the SVRS turns off the pump and releases the suction. SVRS does NOT protect against the four other types of entrapment: hair entanglement, mechanical entrapment, limb entrapment, evisceration/ disembowelment. Transforming the way you think about entrapment The Motor With An SVRS Built Into It Compatible with all flow rates. Facilitates no main drain pool designs in place of an equalizer line. Guardian® shuts off the motor/pump when the water level drops below the skimmer. Reduces pump, motor and seal damage. Guardian® shuts off the motor/pump if any of the following conditions occur: Dry, blocked or jammed pump conditions; locked rotor, loss of prime, or abnormal voltage variations. Detects clogged or blocked filters and shuts down the pump. 115/230. Frame size: 48Y. Service Factor Amps: 11.8/5.9. Type: Switched. Complies with Viginia Graeme Baker pool and spa safety act of 2007.

Price: $429.00

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