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Spazazz Kiwi Pear Elixir

Pour this Spazazz Kiwi Pear Elixir into your bath or spa water and let the aroma tickle your brain. The soothing scents will relax you; the day's stress will fade away. The natural ingredients alleviate your aches and pains while nourishing overworked muscles and you will feel refreshed and restored.

Spazazz Escape Elixirs come in a variety of scents and contain natural botanicals to soothe your skin.  All Spazazz Aromatherapy is spa safe and oil free.

  • 12 oz. Size
  • Spa Safe And Oil Free
  • Contain Natural Botanicals To Soften Your Skin
  • Will Not Clog Up Your Filter
Price: $14.95

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