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Spazazz Eucalyptus Mint Crystals Discounts Apply !
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Spazazz Eucalyptus Mint Crystals

Pour these Spazazz Eucalyptus Mint Crystals into your bath or spa water and let the aroma tickle your brain. The soothing scents will relax you; the day's stress will fade away. The natural ingredients alleviate your aches and pains while nourishing overworked muscles and you will feel refreshed and restored.

Spazazz Original Crystals contain natural botanicals to soothe your skin. All Spazazz Aromatherapy is spa safe and oil free.

  • 17 oz. Size
  • Spa Safe And Oil Free
  • Contain Natural Botanicals To Soften Your Skin
  • Will Not Clog Up Your Filter
Price: $13.95

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