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Spaguard Spa Brominating Concentrate - 14 oz. Discounts Apply !
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Spaguard Spa Brominating Concentrate- 14 oz.

The strongest bacteria fighter in powerful granules that are extremely easy to use. Applied in the correct amount while the pump is running. No need to pre-treat with bromide salts. No need to add oxidizers to activate it. And since Brominating Concentrate is pH neutral, there is no need to adjust pH or total alkalinity either. This "one-step" product is used as a regular sanitizer and as an oxidizer to rid the spa of odors and undesirable compounds.

  • 82.5% Sodium Dichloro-s-triazinetrione
  • 14.7% Sodium Bromide
  • PH Neutral, 1-4 tsp Per 200 Gallons Dosage
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